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Specialists In Luxury Wooden Box

WoodSinger is one of top 10 luxury wooden box manufacturer, we have specialized in wooden boxes industry since 1999, and worked with more than 180 brand gift company. We are very professional to provide excellent wooden box service.

27 Years Indusrty Experience
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 Luxury Wooden Box Category

You will be amazing about our product line, 100000+ wooden box are available for your order.

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Watch Box

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Our Clients Say

“When I first time to contact WoodSinger and I send my makeup to them, I was surprised that they are so professional. They gave me a lot of useful suggestions, you will have the same feeling as me after you communicate with them. I purchased wooden box from WoodSinger many times, they are profession and can solve my problems.”

Martin from UK • President of Gift Company

“Maybe I can find a supplier with better price, but a professional wooden box supplier will help my business better. That’s my  valuable experience! WoodSinger give me lots of useful suggestion, which help me a lot for my business.”

Attawut from USA, Owner in TeaCompany

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Trusted Partners

WoodSinger has had a good cooperation with more than 180 famous brand gift company. Their beautiful samples are lising in our sample room.

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