Where is the Best Market for Wooden Jewlery Gift Box

//Where is the Best Market for Wooden Jewlery Gift Box

Where is the Best Market for Wooden Jewlery Gift Box

I am not a jewelry dealer, but I am just thinking whether the jewelry market distribution is the same as the jewelry box? I love the luxury industry but I couldn’t be a sales for all the luxury, so I finally choose the high end luxury package (Wooden Gift Box for Luxury Goods), in fact, I love it very much now.
According to my experience, there is little difference among these different wooden gift box’s market. If you have a good understanding for jewelry box market, then I think you also know the market of watch box, wine box, etc. I still remember the first day which I become a staff of Wood Singer, I am eager to know the market distribution, I ask my colleague Janne, where is the best market for wooden box? She told me that 90% customers are come from USA. 4 years has passed, I am not only a sales but also a marketer in our company. I can analysis the market by the market tool. In fact, my colleague Janne was right, USA is the biggest market of wooden box. But I also find something interesting , here is the details.

1.  Overall the Market

The sales of jewelry box has big difference between slack season and busy season. The slack season is from January to October, busy season is from November to February. Christmas Day is the best time to sell luxury goods. However, if we do wholesale business, it is necessary to let the busy season at least 2 months earlier than October.
overall the market
The Main Market is  USA, Canada, Australian, UK. Actually, I am very curious why France and Switzerland are not in the list of main market. France is famous for its red wine and Switzerland’s watch attract millions of people. Wine box and watch box are the main products in wooden gift box. USA is the biggest market for luxury wooden gift box, yes, 90% sales are come from USA. I will analysis the USA market more details soon.
market distribution

2. USA Market

We can discuss usa market from its price, sales, quality aspects, there is no doubt that usa is the best market for wooden box. In fact, usa is the main market for most goods, not only for luxury goods. Charismas Day is the best period to sell the goods, however, experienced dealer will start their purchasing plan from several month and even 1 years before the Charisma Day.
We can know something from some data below. This is the keywords for jewelry wooden box which I summarize from google keywords analysic. Women jewelry box has a best search data in google usa. It includes girls jewelry box and kid jewelry box. However, it is an unusual thing to prepare jewelry box for kids or girl. In China, girls will purchase the jewelry box after they has graduated from university and has got a nice salary, they will buy a jewelry box for themselves, but it is a gift in America. A girl can receive a jewelry box from their mother or friends in their birthday, and it is a very usual thing in usa. I know girls jewelry box sells very well in USA, however, I don’t know very well why it sells very well at that time. Maybe I still don’t know the all reasons for it.
jewelry boxes for womenjewelry organizerjewelry boxes
jewelry holderjewelry standlarge jewelry box
wooden jewelry boxmens jewelry boxmirror jewelry box
girls jewelry boxballerina jewelry boxpersonalized jewelry box
musical jewelry boxjewelry casejewelry chest
jewelry storagejewelry gift boxesjewelry cabinet
white jewelry boxtrinket boxstand up jewelry box
small jewelry boxglass jewelry boxleather jewelry box
standing jewelry boxjewelry travel casekids jewelry box
Besides, Jewelry box is a very mature product in America, after satisfy the basic features, many new functions has been found. For example, travel jewelry box is very popular in USA. After we get the first big order about the travel jewelry box, we thought we got a opportunity to win more market. So we spend a lot of time and money to introduce the travel jewelry box to our uk customers. But our effort was in vain at last. Trave; jewelry box don’t accept by uk people at present.
Men’s jewelry box is also one of our main products. Men’s jewelry box includes cigar humidor, watch box , etc. When we talk men’s jewelry box order with our customers, the quality is very imporant. Especially for cigar humidor, poor cigar humidor is usless for protecing your expensive cigar.


1) What is the most important factor for selling luxury goods in usa?
2) How about the effect of USA Jewelry Fair In USA?Anyone who has attended the fair can show some experience?
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