Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

//Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

Blackwood Jewelry Box  Care Maintenance. Happy to buy our favorite wooden jewelry box, but with half a year or one year, the jewelry box has a cracking phenomenon, you will certainly think this is a quality problem? Or it is a daily maintenance problem? As a 20 years experienced wooden jewelry box wholesaler,WoodSinger make sure that this is certainly a maintenance problem in the daily life.

Jewelry box is just like a woman’s skin, it is certainly smooth and delicate when it is born, but as time goes on, if you don’t have a maintenance, then it will be getting worse. So it is really important to pay attention to the maintenance of wooden box when we purchase a blackwood jewelry box.

Here are the reasons of mahogan jewelry box cracking.

Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance


1.Wood Propertiesz

As long as the wood jewelry box is produced by the real wood, there will be a slight cracking, it is a normal phenomenon. Mahogany wooden box is the same, a mahogany wooden box is made of valuable mahogany heart wood. Wood characteristics decide that non-cracking wood  is nonexistent. In fact, true mahogany is a dead cell tree, it will be slightly cracked, but will not burst, crack.

A slightly cracked can be repaired and it will be very beautiful. If the mahogany cracking is not very serious, you can use fine sandpaper polished around the crack,then collect the powder and buried it in the gap. Finally, we use the glue to seal it. However, if the gap is too big, I think the best way to mend it is that you need find the professional carpentry master to help you. Pick the wood with almost the same color of your wooden box, then the carpentry master will repair it.

2. Improper Use

Even in the case of normal drying, bad external condition may also lead to cracking,such as cold weather, everyone has the heating, if the wooden jewelry box is near the heating baking for a long time, it will cause cracking. Besides, we also need pay attention to maintenance in the summer. Hot sun exposure can easily lead to wooden jewelry box burst, deformation, it will affect the wooden blackwood jewelry box’s life. So if we have the wooden box in our home, we should pay attention to maintenance.

It is very important to choose a good wooden jewelry box supplier, good jewelry box wholesaler will guarantee the quality, service and they have a good reputation. Besides, cousumers must pay attention to the maintenance, it will extend the box’s liftime. Trying to avoid direct sunlight, damp places. Go to the store to buy their oil waxing regularly so that we can get a better maintenance mahogany jewelry box.

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