How to make wooden gift box in the factory?

A complete sense production process of the wooden box include raw materials preparation, woodworking,  paint finishing, packaging, and storage. Every process must be refined and specialized, only deeply visiting the wooden box factory can get the most real wooden gift box production experience.

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Simple Tips to Remove Wooden Furniture Scratches

It is important to remove wooden furniture scratches to prolong the furniture's life.  Some people think that a small scratches is not a big problem, in fact, when the furniture's paint start to appear different kinds of scratches, it is necessary to deal with these injuries without delay so that it can avoid leaving permanent traces in furniture paint. How can remove

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Wooden Jewelry Box Maintenance Common Sense

Wooden Jewelry Box Maintenance wooden jewelry box maintenance is a very necessary work to protect jewelry box. Inour dairy life, each girl has some of their own jewelry ornaments. Girls often buy a jewelry box to save these jewelry ornaments because they cherish their fine jewelries. Besides, as jewelry box is very

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3 Easy Wooden Jewelry Box Moisture-Proof Tips

Wooden Jewelry Box Moisture-proof  Tips Wooden jewelry box moisture-proof tips is important for wooden jewelry box maintenance. Dry weather in autumn and winter season may cause cracking in our jewelry box. When we prevent the jewelery box cracking, we should

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How to Solve Jewelry Cabinet Smell’s Problem

1. How to Solve Jewelry Cabinet Smell's Problem How to solve jewelry cabinet smell's problem.It is a normal thing that new jewelry cabinet more or less will have some smell, it just like new clothes, shoes, both of them will have some smell.The smell of new

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Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance Blackwood Jewelry Box  Care Maintenance. Happy to buy our favorite wooden jewelry box, but with half a year or one year, the jewelry box has a cracking phenomenon, you will certainly think this is a quality problem? Or it is a daily maintenance problem? As a 20 years experienced wooden jewelry box wholesaler,WoodSinger

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