Where to Buy Wooden Gift Boxes

//Where to Buy Wooden Gift Boxes

Where to Buy Wooden Gift Boxes

Where to buy Wooden Gift Boxes

Jewelry box is considered as a good christmas gift in USA and many Europe countries. High end jewelry box is usually not cheap, we may consider many factors before we buy it, such as quality, price, warranty policy. However, where to buy wooden gift boxes? Buying from online store is a good choice now. However, there are so many websites providing jewelry boxes selling service, so the choice becomes a headache problem. Where to buy gift boxes, where to buy a good quality gift box with a lovely price, choose the right way according to your needs in reality.


1. Buy gift boxes from the Brand Company

Wooden gift box (jewelry box) is a hot selling product in USA and many Europe countries. Some companies are absolutely the professor on selling jewelry boxes. They focus their all attention on the jewelry boxes, people sell jewelries, they sell jewelry boxes. These companies have their own brands. All the jewelry boxes are designed by themselves, their designers are seems very experienced because the boxes are very beautiful. Besides, they have their wholesale service, many online stores and supermarkets sell their jewelry boxes. Besides, they also have their own online store, you can make an order from them directly.

Jewelry boxes of brand company have its typical features. First,the quality is good. There is no need to worry the quality, you won’t be disappointed for its quality. Second, the designs are very delicate, it can not only let your jewelies looks more elegant but also let your room more beautiful. Third, the warranty policy is ok. In fact, we receive few negative feedbacks for its quality unless there is something wrong with its transportation. But good warratnt policy will let you have a better buying experience. Maybe the price is the only fator which let us not so happy. Yes, you get what you pay for. Good quality goods means high price. If you want to buy a jewelry box from these company, the price will be high. You should make your decision according to your budget.

Here are some famous brand company’s websites, you can just have a reference.

where to buy wooden gift boxes

1) Mele & Co

Mele is a nice retail company to buy wooden gift boxes. I found two websites and I am wondering that both of them belong Mele & Co. If someone knows more,you can also send it to my email box(info@woodsinger.com), I will add it to this article.


2.Buy Wooden Gift Box from Supermarket

In China, supermarket just sell food and commodities. Walmart is a popular supermarkt in China, you can buy cloth, food and commodities, you can play game and watch movies there. However, we don’t see any gift box boxes there. That is why I am so surprised that when I know walmart is our big customers of wooden jewelry boxes.

However, gift boxes are a very common products on many USA supermarkets. You can not only buy it on their stores but also can buy it on their online store. Buying from supermarket has its own features. First, It is very convenient, you can actually tocuh the box if you are in their store. After fix the quality and the design, you can make your order on their online store, the price will be much cheaper. Second, the warranty policy is the best among all the ways. Third, there are a vast number of variou jewelry boxes, many brands jewelry boxes are here. It makes your choice becomes easier to make. Here are some supermarkets online store, some of them are just online supermarket, you can make your choice now.


Walmart: www.walmart.com
Argos: www.argos.co.uk
Wayfair: www.wayfair.com
Sears:  www.sears.com
Potterybarn:  www.potterybarn.com
Jcpenney:  www.jcpenney.com
Kmart:  www.kmart.com
Overstock: www.overstock.com


3. Buy it from Amazon

Although there are many B2C platforms, Only Amazon sells wooden gift boxes well. There are so many gift boxes’seller and so many jewelry box, so many choice there. Buying wooden gift boxes from here, you will get below benefits. First, best price is the most attractive features. If you want to buy a jewelry box which not so much expensive, Amazon will give you such a choice. There are many jewelry box sellers come from all over the world, expecially Chinese seller, they can provide cheap but quality jewelry box. But there is also a risk which cheap goods means poor quality, you need note it. Second, you have more choice. As I said, Amazon collect jewelry boxes from all over the world, if you are good at searching, maybe you can find some jewelry boxes with typical regional characteristic. Here is the website of Amazon, enter the jewelry box and start your jewelry box buying now.



I hope you have know where to buy wooden gift boxes. However, it is just for retail. If you want to wholesale wooden gift box, then I think you should read this article, Who is Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer ?

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