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Main Wood Price & Features

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Wooden Box designs are based on the wood price and its features, different kinds of wood material have different price and features. here are the main wooden price and features in wooden box manufacturer. Main Wood: Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, South America, Cherry, Teak, Catalpa Wood, Walnut, Beech, Oak, Bakelite, Camphor Wood, Ashtree, Pine, etc.

How to make wooden gift box in the factory?

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A complete sense production process of the wooden box include raw materials preparation, woodworking,  paint finishing, packaging, and storage. Every process must be refined and specialized, only deeply visiting the wooden box factory can get the most real wooden gift box production experience.

Main Wooden Box Value-Added Process

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There are 8 wooden box value-added processes in wooden packaging business. Wooden box becomes valuable because of these 8 value-added processes. Here are these processe: Folding surface Stickers Piano lacquer Carving Rubbing golden Branding Silk Screen Metal Patching Based on the original wooden box, adding these crafts can attract consumer's eyeball and enhance goods value. However, wooden box market is

Oil paint function for wooden box

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There are many process details need to be understood carefully in the production of wooden box package, these different processes cover or enhance the characteristics of wooden boxes. For example, wooden box surface is rough and unpolished. Oil paint function is making box smooth and glossy. Paint and materials determine the grade of wooden box. Good quality

How to Prevent Mirror Mildew

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Prevent Mirror Mildew People would like to know how to prevent mirror mildew with correctly ways. Mirror is a very important component for jewelry box. You need see the mirror to check your makeup. Besides, it will make your jewelry box become more luxury. If the mirror have mildew, the whole jewelry box seems not beautiful. A

How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly

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How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly? We use jewelry box to store our baby jewelries, it is easy to use. However, many of us don't know the how to use jewelry box correctly. Jewelry box includes several components, every component have its own function. Knowing their function can not only  bring much more convenience but also can prolong

How to be Good Wooden Gift Box Supplier

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Are you a trade group or manufacturer? All the wooden gift box supplier will meet that question from their customers. Before we share the useful infomation, it is necessary for us to have a explanation. We are wooden gift & packing box manufacturer, we have our own wood box factory. At the same time, our customers

Simple Tips to Remove Wooden Furniture Scratches

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It is important to remove wooden furniture scratches to prolong the furniture's life.  Some people think that a small scratches is not a big problem, in fact, when the furniture's paint start to appear different kinds of scratches, it is necessary to deal with these injuries without delay so that it can avoid leaving permanent traces in furniture paint. How can remove wooden furniture scratches? I think this is many housewives' headache problem. Here are some simple tips to remove wooden furniture scratches. Tips to

Who is Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

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1. Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer Recently, our company wants to purchase some wooden gift box, how much is it? What is the minimum quantity? Where can I find a good wooden gift box manufacturer? Gift box is a customized products, the price depends on the buyer's designs. Experienced wooden gift box manufacturer can know your target product very

Wholesale Wooden Gift Boxes

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1.Wooden Gift Box Wholesale Hi everyone, I am Jenne, a sales manager who specialized in a luxury wooden boxes field for more than 15 years and have rich connections in China for this field, I am glad to be here to describe some details about the wooden gift box wholesale. Wooden box wholesale includes wooden

Wooden Jewelry Box Maintenance Common Sense

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Wooden Jewelry Box Maintenance wooden jewelry box maintenance is a very necessary work to protect jewelry box. Inour dairy life, each girl has some of their own jewelry ornaments. Girls often buy a jewelry box to save these jewelry ornaments because they cherish their fine jewelries. Besides, as jewelry box is very practical, it can be used as crafts to decorate room, so more and more people would like to buy a jewelry box for their lover and a friend. Jewelry box's daily maintenance will directly affect  jewelry box lifespan. How do we maintain jewelry box

3 Easy Wooden Jewelry Box Moisture-Proof Tips

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Wooden Jewelry Box Moisture-proof  Tips Wooden jewelry box moisture-proof tips is important for wooden jewelry box maintenance. Dry weather in autumn and winter season may cause cracking in our jewelry box. When we prevent the jewelery box cracking, we should not forget moisture-proof. Because the winter is coming, there will be more and more rainy day in the future, the air will be more humid.

How to Solve Jewelry Cabinet Smell’s Problem

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1. How to Solve Jewelry Cabinet Smell's Problem How to solve jewelry cabinet smell's problem.It is a normal thing that new jewelry cabinet more or less will have some smell, it just like new clothes, shoes, both of them will have some smell.The smell of new jewelry cabinet is an unavoidable problem,we can put it to ventilated place,the flowing air will solve your smell problem.However, old jewelry cabinet also has the smell problem,how to do it?   2. Placed it

Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance

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Blackwood Jewelry Box Care Maintenance Blackwood Jewelry Box  Care Maintenance. Happy to buy our favorite wooden jewelry box, but with half a year or one year, the jewelry box has a cracking phenomenon, you will certainly think this is a quality problem? Or it is a daily maintenance problem? As a 20 years experienced wooden jewelry box wholesaler,WoodSinger make sure that this is certainly a maintenance problem in the daily life. Jewelry box is just like a woman's skin, it is certainly smooth and delicate when it is

Why People Choose Wooden Gift Box Supplier From China

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Why people choose wooden gift box supplier from China? In fact, wooden gift box isn't a common goods in China, more than 85% wooden boxes are exported. We have had a cooperation with many big supermarkets and e-commerce companies in the past 17 years, although there are some local box manufacture in their country, they

How to Setup Your Humidor Correctly

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I just purchased a new humidor, how do I set it up? We know the correct way to setup humidor, it's important. Although we are not cigar dealer, but we need provide the right humidor to our cigar dealer customers, so we know the correct details to protect the cigars by using the humidor. How

Where to Buy Wooden Gift Boxes

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Where to buy Wooden Gift Boxes Jewelry box is considered as a good christmas gift in USA and many Europe countries. High end jewelry box is usually not cheap, we may consider many factors before we buy it, such as quality, price, warranty policy. However, where to buy wooden gift boxes? Buying from online store is

Four Tips to Choose a Right Watch

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As a wooden watch box manufacturer, we have done business with many watch dealers. How to choose a right watch for their customers is a eternal topic. Different people want to buy different watches, there are many different reasons to buy watches. Choose the right watch according to your needs in reality. 1. Reasons to Buy