Why people choose wooden gift box supplier from China? In fact, wooden gift box isn’t a common goods in China, more than 85% wooden boxes are exported. We have had a cooperation with many big supermarkets and e-commerce companies in the past 17 years, although there are some local box manufacture in their country, they still choose supplier from China.

Wooden Boxcan be divided into two types, wooden gift box and wooden packing box. Wooden gift box usually includes wooden jewelry box, watch box & winder, cigar humidor. It is a gift, people buy it as a gift to their friends. Wooden packing box is used to pack goods, it is a kinds of package. It includes wine box, perfume, spirits box, tea and coffee box, coin box …..

wooden gift box supplier

Reason 1: High Cost Effective

High cost effective is the most competitive factors for Chinese wooden gift box. As we know, made-in- china is a very famous word in the world, people like made-in-china goods because it is cheap. But cheap is not means poor quality. On the contrary, the quality is good.

Experienced wooden boxes dealers know how to choose a good wooden gift box supplier from China. They know quality is the main problem, so they often choose middleman from HK or TaiWan so that they can solve the language problem. HK and TaiWan businessmen are very strict with the quality, if the price is ok and they can get their profits, they can promise that every process will be ok.

Many of our customers are middleman, we know their serious attitude. But if you choose a middleman to finish your order, then you should know the price won’t be so nice. Good price means good service.

If you want to have a better price, you can contact to the factory directly. But you should make sure the factory has a good sales team. A professional sales team will make sure your order will be finished successfully. Many dealers like to choose supplier in Alibaba, it is a good place, many factories have store there. But for wooden gift box, it is not an ideal place to find your wooden gift box supplier.

Wooden gift box sales need enough professional sale experience to make sure everything is ok, many factories in alibaba are just a small team, they couldn’t finish such big order. But if your company knows well for the process of the order and have enought time to check the details, maybe you can try, you know, if everything is ok, you can save some money.

So smart dealers can control the quality with a nice price, that is why they like purchasing wooden gift boxes from China. Because they can maximize their interests.


Reason 2: Better Sales team

Recently,American president election is a hot topic, Ms.Hillary and Mr.Trump both mentioned the economy of China. In the past 20 years, China government spend billions of money on English teaching, everyone in China are learning english.

In the past, people want to import goods from China, they must need the help from HK and TaiWan middleman. Now, language problem has been solved and Chinese sales start to contact their international customers. Experienced dealers has know there are many professional sales team in China now. International business becomes very convenient.

For example, my boss meet a customers from USA who want to import wooden gift box, although the language is the problem, the smart customers come to China and solve every problems, after finish that order,he earned a lot of money. Sometimes, profits often like brave people.

Now, more and more wooden gift box suppliers has their better sales team. They open the store on alibaba, attend the international fair, build their professional website to attract nice customers, some suppliers even go out to visit their customers.

Nice price, good quality, professional service, more and more customers like to buy the wooden gift boxes from Chinese Factory. If you want to know how to choose a wooden gift box supplier in China, I think you should pay attention to our Distribution of Wooden Box Manufacturer in China.


Reason 3:B2C e-commerce 

In China, Amazon Sales can get a high  salary, it is three times as much as B2B sales’s salary. B2C e-commerce bring to much convenience to people. In the past, if you want to enjoy the high cost effective goods from China, you can only buy it from the dealer, it is more expensive. But now, if you want to buy a nice wooden gift box, you can buy it from Amazon, just at home, you can buy something from every corner of the world, it is very convenient and very cheap.

As a wooden gift box wholesale sales, actually, it is not a good idea for our business. With the development of e-commerce, our order become more and more fragmented. Our big customers such as big supermarket Walmart reduce their order and the order become smaller and smaller. Many factories start to develop their own Amazon sales team.
However, it is a really good idea for retail, right?