As a wooden watch box manufacturer, we have done business with many watch dealers. How to choose the right watch for their customers is an eternal topic. Different people want to buy different watches, there are many different reasons to buy watches. Choose the right watch according to your needs in reality.

1. Reasons to Buy

Maybe you will think this is a silly question. However, it shouldn’t be thought of as financial investments to buy a watch. In most case, timepieces are just like cars, they depreciate as soon as you finish your buying. It may also retain or even increase in value, but those instances are not the rule, they often are the exception.

The best way to know how much a watch may depreciation is to look for pre-owned online and see what price they are selling. If the decrease in the price is under 20% when lightly used, we often say that this watch holds value very well.

Another reason to buy watches is collectors’ emotional purposes. Watches are often treated as a source of enjoyment or a hobby. This type of person buy watches for investments, they will resell it for a profit in a good time. However, they will need initially invest a huge amount of money. So the most important things are that we need to know many things won’t increase in value after you purchase them.

Knowing these facts, it is important to control your costs under your afford. If you are a rich man, it is ok to buy a luxury new watch; but if you just want to obtain profits from its reselling, you should be more careful.

2. Kinds of Watches

  • Classic Watch

Classic watches are the most traditional kinds of watches. We often called it to dress watches or classic watches. It looks more conservative in its design but looks best with formal attire. There are many kinds of watch styles, designs, sizes, colors, and materials, but classic watch will always be there when you on a formal occasion. When buying a classic watch, it should not be too cheap, choose brand watch is better.

  • Sport watches 

If I say sports watches are the most popular watches, maybe you will agree with my points. Sports watch is one of the low-end watches, its price often between $10-$20. Because of its low price, sports watches have the widest spread in the world.

To meet the sports function purpose, sports watches are often designed having thicker cases, more robust crystals, and sometimes movements with added protection.

  • Complicated Watches

Complicated watches is what watch collectors seek today and they are among the pinnacle pieces of modern horology. Most of these watches are produced by Switzerland. There is no doubt that this type of watches is very expensive. Watch manufacturer focus on its highly complicated, especially on mechanical movements. Complicated watches are very good at telling time by some additional complication.


  • Art & Design Watches

If you are a watch dealer, you will know art or design watches emphasize a designer’s aesthetic values mixed with functionality very much. People tend to love them or hate them.

Because this type of watches can be both traditional and extremely modern, you will find that it often has the effect of being extremely polarizing. Personality is the right word which I think can describe this type of watch.

  •  Vintage Watches

This is a controversial watch type, some watch experts think it shouldn’t be treated as a category, however, some people like it very much and think it is so different. If you like to wear clothes that have been in style since the middle of the last century, then this type of watches may be your choice.

In fact, maybe you want to pick up a vintage style of watch, which will not only look great but also less expensive than that’s brand new. This type of watches has been around a few decades, such as Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster. However, it really depends on the owner as well as the specific watch.


3. Where to Buy Your Watches

A smartwatch dealer will go to three places before they make the final decision. The first place is the professional watch blog or forum, check their watch buying guide. Browse some professional watch blog at the same time, then you will know what watches you will buy.

The second place is online watch retailers’ shop. Watch retailers online can be an efficient and quick way to learn about new brands as well as their new products. Besides, it will also help you know better about the price. You will know better which watches you can get for your money. The third place is the watch shop. You will finally come to the window shopping step.

However, watch retailers aren’t always the most friendly places to shop. Because they sometimes need to use aggressive sales tactics to win their reputation. It is very important for you to create a foundation of knowledge, only in this way, you can have a good understanding of the styles, materials and the size that feel best on your wrist.


4. How to make your watch more durable

The warranty policy will be a very important factor when you deciding which watch you want to buy. A bad warrant policy will cost a lot of money to repair your watches. Before you make any decision, browse online reviews for this watch retailers, then visit your local retailer’s shop, understand their warranty policy.

If you need to buy expensive watches, buy it from your local retailers’ shop will be a smart decision, they will guarantee a friendly and convenient warranty service.

Besides, you need a good watch box to protect it from water, air, dust, and other hurts. It is a very necessary tool for your watch storage. Watch box also has many other functions, such as display watch, storage, antioxidant, etc. That is why more and more people buy watch box as a gift.