In 2010, 3 bottles of 1869 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild sold for $230,000 a bottle.

If I haven’t been wooden gift box industries for more than 4 years, I will be very curious and feel strange that there is so little information about wooden gift wine box. When I enter how to choose wooden gift wine box in google, nothing is provided. The price of high end wine may seem outrageous in people’s eyes, in 2011, 2 bottles of champagne salvaged from a 170 year old shipwreck were auctioned for $78,400 each.
 wooden wine box
So when it comes to high end wine, we will want to use a good wine package to match it. That is why wooden wine box is so popular among people. Wine box is often used in wedding or anniversary. However, people don’t much about the wooden wine box. We may have the same confusion for below question:
“Who here is doing the wine box tradition/ceremony? I ordered a custom box for ours and I’m curious how others are doing it. 
WIll you make it part of your actual wedding ceremony or just do it privately with your groom? And when do you plan to open it? Five year anniversary? How are you selecting the wine for it? Are you also writing your FI a letter to give to him the day of the wedding, in addition to the letter that will go in the box? That’s my plan, but I’m kind of wondering how to makes these two letters different from each other.”   
High end wine usually use wooden wine box to show its values, so I won’t discuss the paper box, plastic box here. There are two types of wooden wine box in the market at present. You should choose the right one according to your condition. Here are two types of wooden wine boxes.
  • The Finish Wooden Wine Box
There is a high gloss finish on the surface of the wooden wine box. The finish can protect the wood from being damaged by water or air. Good finish can not only protect the wood but also can let it become more exquisite. In China, finish wooden wine box is often produced in south of China, because the wether is very wet, we need paint the finish to prevent the corrosion from the water. So if you want to buy the finish wooden box, find a supplier in the south of China.
In fact, the finish wooden wine box is what I recommend to you. Because I am a finish wooden wine box manufacture so I do the recommend? No, because finish wooden box is really better in quality and shape. After you used one of them, you will be attracted by its high end appearance and long lifetime box image navi
What about the price? When it comes the price,we should pay attention to the material of the box. Wine box is usually made of MDF, MDF is a very high cost-performance material for wooden box. Most of wooden box are made of MDF, the price will be very affordable. So if you just want a beautiful and high end wooden box, the finish wooden wine box will be a good choice.
  • The Unfinish wooden Wine Box
The unfinish wooden wine box  is produced in the north of China. Because the wether is dry, so they don’t use finish to protect the wooden box. If you want to buy unfinish wooden wine box, you can choose a supplier from the north of China. There is a wax on the surface of the wooden box. After the wax mix with the wood, the wax will protect the wood. However, hot water and liquid with strong solubility will destory the wax.
Some woods have good smell which benefits human’s health a lot, such as yellow pear, lobular red sandalwood, camphorwood, and so on. These smells also benefit wine protecting,that is why many people like unfinish wooden wine box.item#wb16002
If you want to choose a unfinish wooden wine box for your high end wine, the please consider the solid wood box. If you choose a wooden box which is made of MDF, then it is really a not good idea. The unfinish wooden wine box can be eroded easily by air and wather. If you have a very expensive wine, you can choose the solid wood material box, its smell will benefit your body and your wine.


Where can I get one?

You can make it by yourself if you know some woodworking. I think the quality will be guaranteed very well. But if you want to have some beautiful design, such as paint your wedding picture on it or writer some beautiful words on it, you can choose on from online shop. Amazon shop provide many of these service and the price is also competitive.

Choose the right type of the wooden box according to your local wether and your needs. Solid woods is the best quality material, but the price will higher. If you need wholesale wooden wine box, please make sure the right types. At the same time, if  you need finish wooden box, choose the supplier from south of China. For the unfinish box, north supplier will be better. Besides, you can ask more details to your supplier, experienced supplier can provide a lot of information for your need and your business.