As a wooden box wholesale dealer, knowing the distribution of wooden box manufacturer in China is very important for their business. An experienced wooden box sales knows where to buy wooden box and knows well how to buy the high quality wooden box by the best price. The secret is that they know the china distribution wooden box manufacturer.

Wooden boxes include many items, such as jewelry box, wine box, watch box, watch winder, humidor box. However, there are just two finish processes for most of wooden box, finishes wooden box and unfinishes wooden box. Different finishes processes wooden box has different manufacture place, knowing their features benefit a lot for Wholesale Wooden Gift Boxes.


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#1. Buy High Quality finishes wooden box

Finishes wooden box is very beautiful and looks high end. It is often used on jewelry display and storage. People will use finishes wooden box to store their heirloom. You will notice that there are many Hongkong companies selling the wooden box, but their website tells you that their factory is in Dongguan city, Guangdong province China. Dongguan city is the right place to buy high quality finishes wooden box. There are many wooden box factoires and the production technology is very mature, so many trade company will choose this place to make their order.wooden box manufacturer

How about the price? Yes, this is a very good question which most of customers will concern it. The quality is very stable and the price is also range from low price to high price. You can buy what you are looking for, this market will meet your requirement.
If your budget is not high, you need a good communication with your supplier. A good supplier will  help you how to save money. So, what you need to do is to be honest and also find an honest supplier. If you want to buy some good quality box, you can consider Dongguan city. But if you also need to buy some low price box to improve your competitiveness, there is another choice for you, Zhejiang province.


#2.Low Price Finishes Wooden Box Plan

We also need some low price products to improve our competitiveness in our market.You can also find some low price plan in Dongguan,but the choice is fewer than in Zhejiang.Yes,Zhejiang is another choice I want to discribe.Zhejiang is another city which the wooden box is hot selling there,however,the finish process technology is still need develop.The quality is a question for them,but you don’t need worry the price,the price will low enough to meet your target price.So if you want to find some competitive price wooden box,try to find some Zhejiang suppier.


#3.Buy Unfinishes Wooden Box 

You will see the unfinishes wooden box in wine dispaly and storage. The best quality unfinishes wooden box is in   Shandong province, China. Their best wooden box is burlywood box, the wood veneer is thin, such as solid wood, pine wood, birch wood. You will find many Shandong supplier’s website only sells unfinishes wooden box, they don’t sell finish wooden box, because they knows their advantage of unfinishes wooden box is the best. As an experienced wooden box sales, we know their quality is definitely nice. So if you are looking some good quality unfinishes wooden box, contacting some Shandong wooden box supplier will be a wise choice. If you need help to recommend such supplier, we can also help.

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#4.Buy from Taiwai wooden box dealer

There is no doubt that taiwai wooden box dealer knows well how to produce high quality wooden box. There are many Taiwai dealer come to mainland to produce wooden box,they are very serious about the details, I think that is why so many customers like their products. Unfortunately, Taiwai factories is very few now. The sales is not good and the cost is high, they give up their factoires. Most of their order are placed to other factories in mainland China.