A complete sense production process of the wooden box include raw materials preparation, woodworking,  paint finishing, packaging, and storage. Every process must be refined and specialized, only deeply visiting the wooden box factory can get the most real wooden gift box production experience.

Wooden box production process:

  • 1. Confirm the designs with the buyer
  • 2. Making the sample
  • 3. Prepare the raw material
  • 4.  Cutting & Sanding
  • 5. Painting
  • 6. Assembly
  • 7. Packaging

Every process needs to be careful to ensure good quality.


1. Confirm the wooden box design

You can refer to the following table:

Wooden BoxPaper BoxLeather BoxBrocade boxOther Packaging
RemarkIf you don’t have designs, our company can provide it.Design Costs: $200, it can be included in the large cargo payment.
RemarkIf you have samples, we need to see it. It can help us make a right quotation. If you have
no sample, we suggest you visit our showroom and factory. You can have a reference to our samples.
RemarkSize need be provided, if you don’t know the size, you can tell me the size of the product in the
gift box. We can calculate the size according to the product size and box material.
Remarkthe gift box material includes wood, paper, leather and other material,
you need tell us.
RemarkLinings include filler and finishes. For example, the filler includes foam, sponge, and PE.
Finishes include silks, satins, knitting wool, fleece, types, specialty paper etc.
RemarkIt refers paper packaging. If you need printing, pls provide detailed designs.
RemarkThis item is for the wooden box and leather box. Especially in the wooden box, the sculpture is common.You need to provide the content and the area of the sculpture.
RemarkSilk-screen is common in packaging box, you need to explain the details of the production.
Bronzing indentation
RemarkBronzing indentation is often used in the surface of gift box, sometimes it can be used in the lining too.It needs to be listed when producing gift box.
RemarkThe style includes lid and tray, drawer-type box, flip box etc.
RemarkAccessories include hardware and other accessories, it influences the price.

Different materials have different price, read this article to know specific differences between different materials and price:

[neilian ids=3096]

The material of the wooden box mainly includes the following types: Mahogany, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, pine, paulownia, neem wood, poplar, fragrant fir, birch, MDF, etc.

For many reasons, the majority of wooden boxes are made with MDF. However, the gift box is a custom product, factory choose material based on the needs of buyers, so you have to tell your factory clearly. Otherwise, they will choose MDF as a wooden box material.

2. The raw material production

  • Preparation

Factory begins to purchase wood after the sample confirmation, wood material needs to be selected according


  •  Cutting

After buying the wood sheet, cut the sheet into the same thickness according to the size of the design. Need to ensure that the cutting surface to be smooth, and then saw the board according to the sample. Ordinary white latex is enough to joint the wood sheet. It needs one day to fix it. At this time, you can see the initial model of the box.

cutting workshop


  •  Polish

After the cutting, it’s time to polish the box. Polish first, then paint the putty. After a day, start the second polish, paint the putty again. Do the process again and again until the surface becomes smooth.

The polishing process is very important, which directly affects the smoothness of the paint, the paint directly affects the quality and beauty of the box.

sanding workshop

  • Paint Primer

After painting the first primer, after a day, you should polish the box again. We can use water sandpaper to polish them, starting from No. 600; after the second painting, then polish to 600+.

The process must be repeated until the wooden box surface becomes smooth.

  •  Finishing Coat

Finishing Coat is the most important process in wooden box production. An experienced buyer knows that it’s time to start their time inspection in the factory. It’s the best time to find the problem and correct them with low cost. After the finishing coat, if you want to modify your box, it will cost much money.

In the shipping season, many factories will lazy in finishing coat in order to catch the progress of shipping. For example, the box should be finished three times, they reduce it to twice. Improve the speed finishing speed to save time, it causes the phenomenon of orange peel.

Once the paint appears any problems, there is a direct impact on the quality of the box and aesthetics,  which is why the paint process occupies a vital position in the entire wooden box production process.

Choose the type of paint is also very elegant, you can refer to this article chooses the most suitable paint process, How to choose the right paint?


6) Logo Process

Wooden box Logo process generally includes: silk screen, hot stamp, engrave, metal plate.

Features, price, and application are different, the specific details can refer to this article: Logo Technology List


  •  Assembly

This is the last process of wooden box production, we need pay attention to these details:

a. Hardware, velvet, interior are the same as the original sample.

There is two common hardware,  polished and not polished hardware. Polished hardware is brighter.  Serious buyer or sales will mark this point in the contract. Velvet’s color is also different, some are deep and some are lighter. There are different types of interior, you can read this article to know more information about the interior. Article name: The type of interior.


b.  The location of hinge and lock is correct

The location of the lock is easily crooked, this is a common mistake for the factory. The error may be just 1mm, but it has a bad influence on box’s beauty. Lock crooking directly causes that lock is too tight, it’s not convenient to open the lock. So when you find that opening the box is not convenient, you should pay attention to the lock crooked problem.

The hinge is also easy to be crooked, need to check it in time. If the hinges are crooked, the modification may cause hinge loosening. Large quantities boxes appear that problems, modifying may cause secondary waste problems, it will be a huge loss.

Sending large cargo sample in advance is the best way, find the problem and solve this problem in time, it can avoid loss and keep delivery on time.


8) Packaging

After completed the production successfully, the most important procedure is the packaging. The wooden box is very easy to scratch if the packaging is not qualified, the wooden box is likely to be scratched in the transport process. The wooden box has a different packaging program, read this article to know more information: How to choose wooden box packaging?

Many customers like to consign goods,  actually, this is a dangerous program for the wooden box. We couldn’t make sure the shipping company will protect our goods very well.

A good supplier will suggest you hire a truck to transport the wooden box, it can protect the boxes from being scratched.


2. The workshop distribution

According to the production process of the wooden box, wooden box factory generally has the following  workshops:

Preparing materials —-> Cutting workshop —-> Assembling workshop
—-> Sanding workshop —-> Painting workshop —-> Packing workshop —-> Shipment