The differences between high gloss box and piano lacquer box are crafts and effects. Finish craft difference plays an important role in wooden box quality.

1. In Craft

High gloss box refers to its painting craft. Finishing coat uses a high gloss paint, the brightness formed. brightness formed by spraying with high gloss paint.  Piano lacquer box is a box adopting piano painting craft, after spraying complete, the effects have no difference compared with piano.


2. In Effect

The effect differences between high gloss box and piano lacquer box :

   1) The thickness of paint films

Paint films thickness of piano lacquer craft is more than 1MM. The paint films can withstand repeated grinding, it’s flat as a mirror. While the thickness of high gloss paint is less than piano lacquer`s 1/3.  In fullness degree and flatness, high gloss paint should not be mentioned in the same breath with piano lacquer.

   2)  Brightness

Finish reflection of high gloss wooden box, especially a little far objects’ reflection, has a serious distortion. The finish has orange peel-like ripples when we see it very close. Piano lacquer has the same flatness and brightness as the mirror. Its` film reflection has no difference with the object.

  3) Hardness

 High gloss products are too horrible to look at when has a little bump. Its high gloss fades away along with daily wipe. Hardness is too bad. Piano lacquer products have strong hardness. There has no trace when wiping it after a pencil streak across the surface. It can stand the general bump and its brightness is lasting.There is no doubt that piano lacquer wooden boxes has better quality than high gloss wooden boxes. However, good quality means the higher price at the same time. Smart purchase manager will balance the quality and the price, choose the right solution for their products.