Linkedin is my very necessary business tools in my wooden gift box wholesale business. Actually, I like it very much. I use it to develop my customers and get a good effect. I have been the user for 3 years, during last two years, I didn’t think it is a nice tool, so I didn’t treat it seriously. But last year, we met a customer and finished a 100,000 usd order, I know it is important and start running my new linkedin account seriously. Now you can see in my linkedin account, It’s running well.
Linkedin Account
Now,the problem is coming. Why my customers want to contact me and give me the order? I will share you step by step.

1. Perfect your personal profile

When your customers notice you or your business, they must want to know you more. Your profile need to show the details they need. Just introduce yourself, it is enough. Please don’t show the “About us” of your company profile, it is really boring. You can take an example with my profile, here is the details:
I LOVE the luxury Industry and International Sales work as well, Communicate with people from different regions. In fact,  this is what i’ve been doing for 4 years. 
< Luxury Wooden Boxes & Package business, specialized in luxury wooden boxes for years and have rich connections in china  for this fields. With a 4 years sales and marketing experience in wooden packing & gift boxes, our products include Jewelry box for men, women, kids; Gift and packing box for wine, watch, jewelry, perfume,coins  and more; Humidor and accessories, Furniture and accessories, Desktop organizer, Watch winder, Wooden crafts, Wood Urn, Customized design.
< Recently working in the field of luxury package industry, I have a factory for wooden boxes and gifts about 30,000pcs capacity monthly; Now we have 178 Woodworkers & Staffs; 1,257sq.m Factory Dimension.
I also interested in E-Marketing and Blogging, Sharing my experience with friends in Imp & Exp business in China.
< Mastering online marketing and website building in recent years.
< Taking part in several projects of company website building and marketing. 
< Rich experience in sourcing products in China, negotiation and understanding learning new products.
< Good at blogging, Share info and skills and knowledge organizing online webinars
So if you are a Chinese, you maybe interested in My Blog: You will find my wechat and weibo over there. 

2. Connections

Up to now, I have 1600+ connections,all of them are in Luxury Goods & Jewelry industry. I start this account three months ago. I will keep adding friends until the system remind me to enter the Security Verification. Because I want to find some customer to purchase our wooden watch box, so I keed adding watch wholesaler.
When my connections is 100+, some customers start to send me some inquirys, ask me some details about my watch box. I will communicate with them, try my best to solve their problem. I don’t care whether they will give me the order or not, just want to let them happy and make more friends. Now,my connections is 1600+ now, I will receive inquiry at fixed period.

3. Post

I like this section, it allows me to express my thoughs. Usually, I want to share the wooden gift box solution which our customers will often meet. I think it will help a lot for my customers’ business. The whole profile couldn’t be modified regularly, but the post can. I am not very good at article writing, but I will try my best to write down the solution for our wooden box and luxury goods & jewelry industry. In a word, everything that can help my customer’s business, I will try my best to write it down.
wooden gift box post

4.Company Page

This is the place you can show your company very well to your customers. You can check my company page, WoodSinger Linkedin Company Page. I don’t want to send to send message or email to bother my friends, so it still not active at present. I just keep posting some useful information for my customers. Anyone have any good idea for it. Can send me message to discuss it.
WoodSinger Linkedin Company Page