When you enter the jewelry store and want to choose a jewelry, there comes a need for a jewelry box. However, few people will have any demand to the store owner for the jewelry box, because they don’t know what jewelry box will suit for their jewelry. In fact, it is very important too choose the right jewelry box for your jewelry maintenance.

Nowadays, there are 4 kinds of common jewelry package box you can choose in the market, Paper Box, Velvet Box, Plastic Box, Wooden Box. You should know how to choose the right jewelry box from these 4 kinds of box.


1. Paper Box

Paper box is one of the cheapest boxes in the market, you will find it in the silver ornament store, it is often used in the silver ornament package. The paper box is made of board paper, and then cover a leatherette paper in the
surface. Paper box is not good for your jewelry maintenance, we often use it for the gift package. Actually, people will throw it away after they arrive at home.

2. Velvet Box

Plastic is the main framework of velvet box, the surface covers velvet. Velvet box is light and looks very beautiful. Besides, its quality is better than paper box. Velvet Box is often used in the silver and gold ornament package. Buying a jewelry as a gift to your friend, the package will be the velvet box.

Velvet Box


3. PA Series

PA Series is one of the most popular boxes in the market, it is widely used among people from all over the world. There is no doubt that the quality is better than velvet box, but at the same time, the price is also very competitive. So it become the first choice of jewelers.
 PA Series

4.Wooden Jewelry Box

Wooden box is the most expensive box in the jewelry package box. However, it is still another first choice for people. The reason is the quality, wooden jewelry box is very good at jewelry maintenance. Good quality wooden jewelry box can protect your jewelry years from fadeless. Besides,the exquisite appearance is another selling points, it looks really very beautiful, the wooden box will better suit your bedroom, let your bedroom become more high end. Wooden Box is often used in high end jewelry package. Actually, if you want to buy a jewelry box for family using or gift to girlfriends, I recommend you the wooden box.