When I first time to  sell watch winder to my customers, I don’t know much about watch winder. However, I was surprised many customers also don’t know how to choose a watch winder correctly.

A good watch winder can keep the main spring at optimal performance. If you are a watch collector, you know a watch winder is a great tool to keep your automatic watch wound.

There are many watch winders in the store and online shop, but not all of watch winders are the same quality. As an experienced watch winder sales, I am now a advocate for using a good quality watch winder. 4 years ago, when my customers wanted to use cheap watch winder to open their market, I didn’t stop them because I don’t know the important of high quality. I lost them in the end.

The main problem for watch winder is lost energy when it isn’t worn. Without energy, the correct time setting will lost and you need to set it again and again. Poorly made watch winder is easy to magnetize the watch’s main spring over time. The cost of a high quality single watch winder won’t  exceed 300usd. Buying a good quality watch winder is just like a investment for your much more expensive automatic watch.Watch Winder 01

We know the importance of a high quality watch winder, then pay attention to the following suggestions to choose your right watch winder.


1. Most Important Parts:The motors

Motors are the most important parts in watch winder. German or Japanese motors is the best choice, the quality is great and they have enough power to turn around most heavy automatic watchs. A good motors will be silent for a longer period. As a wholesale, you will consider the price and quality at the same time, then it is very essential to find the good supplier in  China. Although I am a Chinese, I know there are some interesting Chinese motors with price are really low, they runs good at first but after a long time, it start making noise.


2. Another Parts:Rotation

Most automatic watches need to be rotated clockwise(CW)  to get a optimal winding. However, a good winder  also need counter clockwise (CC) rotation function. Your watch winder need CW to rotated first and then use counter clockwise as a alternate.

3. Adapter or battery?

A watch winder with a regular adapter is often used in your bedroom or office. In fact, I suggest buy one with batteries at the same time. A watch winder with battery will allow you take it when you are on your holiday or business trip. The combination of a power adapter and batteries always be the best choice for a experienced watch collector.