If you are a newbie cigar smoker, maybe you will feel confused about how to choose right cigar humidor. Humidor is a very important tool to keep your cigar fresh. There are two factors which can influence a cigar’s quality, temperature and humidity. In order to protect the tobacco’s flavor and freshness,humidor will use specialized parts. That’s why the humidor accessories are very important when choosing the humidor.


1. Fix the Right Type

When it comes to humidor types, you should consider its application. There are some main types of humidors, choose the right type for your cigar.

  • Room humidor, as a newbie cigar smoker, maybe you don’t need a room humidor. Experienced cigar collector and big cigar distributor will be interested in the room humidor. A room humidor is a room which serves large quantity cigar.
  • Cabinet & table humidors, if you need store hundred or thousands of cigars in a short time, cabinet or table humidors will be a good choice for you. However, if you choose this type humidors, you need note that this item can match your home furniture.
  • Personal humidors,as a newbie cigar smoker, this type humidor is what you are looking for. Personal humidors suit to store several dozens cigars. You can control the environment which can keep your cigar better.
  • Portable humidors, Portable cigar humidor also called travel humidor. This type of humidor will allow you to carry your cigar for your traveling.

For the beginner, personal and portable humidor is the recommend products.

room humidor

 2. Choose the Right Size

Different types humidors has different size and shapes. After you fix the type, what you need to do is to make sure that you have chose the right size. The humidor with the right size will accommodate your cigar collection or future collection. A wrong size (too small of too big)humidor may not properly maintain temperature or humidity level.

  • If the humidor is too large,your cigar collection couldn’t maximizing the box’s interior space, then the humidity will be unbalanced. The cigars will absorbed the extra humidity, it is not the best environment to preserve your cigars.
  • If it’s too small, the space is not enough to place all the cigars. If you force to cram your cigars together, it will affect their flavor.

There is a general rule of thumb for choosing the right size of humidor, choose the humidor which should be only slightly larger than what you need for your collection. If you want to buy some extra cigars, it will also suitable for you. We need always leave a litter empty space in the humidor so that we can make sure all the cigars are inside.


3.Think About the Humidor Material

Humidor material is a very important factor to preserve the cigar quality, it includes wood board, glass, acrylic, metal, and wood. The best cigar humidors are made of Spanish cedar. The common wood material include mahogany, maple, oak and even cherry. Besides, the wood’s construction also plays a very important role in humidor’s quality and ability to insulate.

  • Please always keep in mind that the material you choose will directly correlated with the humidor’s ability to retain humidity and temperature.
  • Spanish cedar is the best choice for humidor by far, it is also the most expensive wood choice. It can retain its shape and strength in the conditions, which can damage other types wood. If you have a Spanish cedar humidor, it will help your cigar stand the test of time.
  • Humidors with glass tops will allow you to see what is inside, it can be used as a display case. You can use wooden interior in the humidor, it can protect the cigar from being damaged by unbalanced condition.
  • Mahogany humidor is another good choice, but it couldn’t protect the tobacco from being damaged by tobacco beetles and worms as Spanish cedar.

glass humidor


4.Tight Seal is very important

The tight seals is the most basic and important function for keeping cigar humidifiers. If the tight seal isn’t good, it is also useless to purchase a high quality humidor.

  • It just like a regular cooler without a lid if your cigar humidor don’t have a proper seal. You couldn’t insulate your cigar properly.
  • There is a way to choose the right tight seal humidor. When you purchase a humidor, please noticed whether there is any “whoosh”sound when it closes. This sound represents that the humidor can separate properly the inside of the unit from the outside.
  • Please make sure that this “whoosh”sound happen, if you close your humidor forcefully without making this sound, it’s shows that your box don’t insulate to its maximum potential.

5. Accessories Choosing

There are two choices for you when you buy a humidor, a humidor with or without a in-built hygrometer & thermometer.

  • A thermometer is used to measure temperature .
  • A hygrometer is a device which can measure and read out the humidity levels inside the box.
  • These two accessories are very important tool to keep the best environment in your humidor.

A humidor with in-built hygrometer and thermometer is more expensive,however,it is still the recommend product for cigar owner. With these tools, your smoker life will become easier because you don’t need worry that the bad environment will ruin your cigar any more.

Humidor Components


6.How About a Cheap Humidor

If you are a newbie cigar smoker, too expensive humidor is not a good idea. However, too cheap humidor is a nightmare too. When buying a cheap humidor, you will be promised all kinds of good reason to buy them. However,you will find that it starts to go bad after several months. A normal humidor with properly constructed can be used for years. It is very important to know how to distinguish the fake humidor.

  • Never believe too cheap price, if the price is too good to be true, it’s probably poor quality. You will get what you pay.
  • Please don’t risk buying a cheap humidor, because you are risk damaging your cigar collection.
  • If you buy one from online store, check their feedback and reviews seriously. Other cigar collectors will say something about the humidor, you need distinguish them.

Final Considerations – What to Remember

For cigar humidor distributor, please don’t worry to spend a litter more money on a high quality humidor. Because its quality will help you win a bigger market, it will protect your cigar last a lifetime. Every parts of a cigar humidor play a very important role to protect the cigar. It is very important to choose a model with quality in every aspect of its design– the lid, hinges, seal, and even wood. Good quality humidors actually will be a solid investment.