1. How to Solve Jewelry Cabinet Smell’s Problem

How to solve jewelry cabinet smell’s problem.It is a normal thing that new jewelry cabinet more or less will have some smell, it just like new clothes, shoes, both of them will have some smell.The smell of new jewelry cabinet is an unavoidable problem,we can put it to ventilated place,the flowing air will solve your smell problem.However, old jewelry cabinet also has the smell problem,how to do it?


2. Placed it in a ventilated place with cold vinegar.

There is a practical way to solve this problem which can save your money.Put some vinegar in the cold water, and then placed it in a ventilated place, open all the doors and windows.It can not only use the evaporation to protect the wall top coating surface, but also can absorb and eliminate of residual odor,.After some time, those residual odor will be distributed out.



3. Mix citric acid and cotton balls together, hanging in the jewelry cabinet

Jewelry cabinet smell’s problem is mainly caused by the oil paint, the smell will be much stronger in the confined space.

Oil paint smell is inevitable,we can try to mix citric acid and cotton ball,and then hung it in the jewelry cabinet.


4. Use the tropical fruits to eliminate the odor

If the economic conditions is ok, WoodSinger suggest that you can use tropical fruits to eliminate the smell, some tropical fruits contains more water and the aroma is particular rich because of its growth in tropical and subtropical environments with abundant sunny and rainfall, the thick fragrance can be distributed for a long time,so as to drive off and overshadowed the original smell.

Summary, the three methods above are very practical methods.In addition,you can use some high-tech remove odor cleaner, the advantage of this approach is fast,you can use this method to remove the odor fast.However,the disadvantage is that it has a certain influence in injury, so you need to choose it carefully.


The  commonly method is to placed orange peel, lemon peel and some other items  in the room in our dairy life, this way to remove the smell is also very effective.

All of these methods can be tried, you can also choose your favorite way to solve jewelry cabinet smell’s problem.