There are 8 wooden box value-added processes in wooden packaging business. Wooden box becomes valuable because of these 8 value-added processes. Here are these processe:

  1. Folding surface
  2. Stickers
  3. Piano lacquer
  4. Carving
  5. Rubbing golden
  6. Branding
  7. Silk Screen
  8. Metal Patching

Based on the original wooden box, adding these crafts can attract consumer’s eyeball and enhance goods value. However, wooden box market is full of charm, using a variety of value-added crafts can make every elements shown perfectly.


1. Folding Surface Craft

A layer of leather material which give the wooden box classical elements is affixed to the surface of wooden box, to highlight the high end and noble of products. This craft is suitable for luxury packaging, such as some high-end wine boxes, jewelry boxes and so on.


2. Sticker Craft

Sticker craft is the most commonly used surface finishing technology. It includes machine stickers and manual stickers.

Wood paper is a new type of decorative material, which use high molecular polymer (PVC) as raw material. If we want to make a wood paper, we need finish following process, adding different auxiliaries, calendering, compositing and wood grain printing.

The typical features is the realistic wood grain, it imitates natural plant grain completely. Using wooden paper can achieve the effect of mixing the spurious with the genuine. The excellent surface effect attract consumers a lot.

Sticker craft provides a promising direction for the development of the wooden box. It can not only greatly improve the added-value of the sticker box, but also bring considerable increment profits for the enterprise.


3. Piano lacquer craft

Piano lacquer craft is one of the paint craft. Compared with ordinary high gloss paint, piano lacquer has following two essential differences:

  1. Piano lacquer has a thick layer of primer, the finish is fastidious. The surface is glassy-bright and strong-penetration.
  2. The piano lacquer surface is more brittle, we should be more careful to protect it.

Because of these two differences, piano lacquer effect is much better than other paint in brightness, compactness and stability. While the ordinary painting will lose their original appearance after decades, piano lacquer surface is still bright just like a new one.


4. Carving craft

The use of laser engraving technology for precision machining of wooden surface, performance with a exquisite carving form, so that the packing box has an image of simple, exquisite and elegant taste.




5. Rubbing Golden Craft

Rubbing golden craft can colour wooden box surface. Especially for a carved wooden box, it is fast and cheap, the most important is the good quality. It can produce ideal decorative effect without considering the thickness and the size of the image.

Rubbing golden craft will use colorful gold powder, such as gold, silver and black. Special colors can also be customized.

Besides, rubbing gold powder are used to create a luxurious and elegant visual effects . It makes the surface present a three-dimensional feeling , it can attract the attention of consumers.


6. Branding Craft

The branding craft  is a traditional craft method. It brands patterns or texts in the wooden box surface by using different sizes of electric soldering iron or hot bronzing template.

With the development of science and technology, advanced branding machines are used nowadays, they can stamp many patterns and texts by heating bronzing mold directly.

Brand can not only create eye-catching brand value from the visual effects, but also cause different grades in technology and improve product value.


7. Silk Printing Craft

Silk Printing Craft is a craft that prints exquisite patterns or texts on the surface of wooden box. It has thick ink layer, strong coverage and rich texture.




8. Metal patching

Metal patching is a craft that inserts labels on wooden box. It is currently the world’s most luxurious high-grade decorative signs. The general thickness of the label  is 0.03-0.2MM. It is made of  metal copper, 24K gold, imported 3M glue and some other materials.

Metal patch can improve the appearance and grade of the product. It has important significance in opening the market and increasing brand awareness.

Wooden box market is full of charm,using a variety of value-added crafts can make every elements shown perfectly. It is a never-ending pursuit in the business of wooden box packaging enterprises.