Prevent Mirror Mildew

People would like to know how to prevent mirror mildew with correctly ways. Mirror is a very important component for jewelry box. You need see the mirror to check your makeup. Besides, it will make your jewelry box become more luxury. If the mirror have mildew, the whole jewelry box seems not beautiful. A good jewelry box maintenance includes good ways to prevent mildew in mirror.

There are three processes to produce a mirror, silvering, paint coating, two times drying. All of these raw materials have poor water resistance, the mildew is easy to appear as long as it expose to moisture. Mildew means the film has been damaged. So we should pay attention to prevent mildew appearing to our mirror.

prevent mirror mildew

First, the mirror should be kept dry, we need use a clean cloth to wipe the mirror. Some substances will absorb water easily, such as salt, acid and alkaline, it will increase the water around the mirror.

Second, moisture absorption materials should be added between the liner and glass, such as kraft paper. However, plastic paper is not a good choice, it is airtight, wet air is easy get into the mirror of the protective paint.

Third, we shouldn’t transport the mirror in the rain, it can prevent raindrop attacking paint and mirror surface which will  caused the mold points.

Mirror usually play the role of decoration, however, there is another function for mirror. According to the principle of refraction, we can introduce the light from other space, it will make our roon more brighter. Anyway, we should pay attention to keep a good mirror maintenance, so as to enjoy the better service from the mirror.

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