It is important to remove wooden furniture scratches to prolong the furniture’s life.  Some people think that a small scratches is not a big problem, in fact, when the furniture’s paint start to appear different kinds of scratches, it is necessary to deal with these injuries without delay so that it can avoid leaving permanent traces in furniture paint.

How can remove wooden furniture scratches? I think this is many housewives’ headache problem. Here are some simple tips to remove wooden furniture scratches.

Tips to remove wooden furniture scratches

First, when the furniture appears injuries without hurting painting film,we can use cotton cloth to cover a little liquid wax to the scars. When the wax is hard, coated  another layer wax, so repeated several times, scratching is not eye-catching any more.

Second, many people like to sit smoking on the furniture, it is also normal left a burn mark accidentally. Then how to deal with it? The burn marks is usually caused by cigarette butts or unextinged matches burning. A small burn mark can be removed  by following method. First step, We need a hard cloth, cover it on a chopstick’s head, then gently wipe the burning marks. Second step, we coated the burn mark place with a thin layer of wax. Finally, coke mark can be removed.

remove wooden furniture scratches

Third, many people like drinking tea, sometimes, we may put the vessel with hot water on the table directly. As time goes on, it will leave a white round scar in the wooden furniture. Generally, the scar can be removed by timely wipe. But if the mark  is too deep, you must use Iodine or Vaseline to wipe the scar gently. After two days, wipe it with a soft cloth, you can remove the hot mark.

If you can’t remove the hot mark by using iodine, you can also use alcohol, perfume or kerosene, but you should wipe hard, then white hot marks will be removed. After you removed the scar, use a soft cloth dipped in water to wipe again, and then coated with a layer of wax.

Summary, some people think that a bit of scars will not affect the apperance too much. As an experienced wooden cabinet manufacturers, we can tell you respnsiblly that it is totally wrong. People will have a timely treatment for a ailment, because ailment can cause a serious illness. In fact, it is the same as furniture, a small scars should be promptly solution, or it will be more difficult to repair it. The scars can not only affect the appearance, but also influence the furniture’s life. Only the correct using and maintenance can make your furniture have a more long-term use!