I just purchased a new humidor, how do I set it up?

We know the correct way to setup humidor, it’s important. Although we are not cigar dealer, but we need provide the right humidor to our cigar dealer customers, so we know the correct details to protect the cigars by using the humidor. How to set up your humidor correctly? Many people would like to put their cigars’ collections into their new humidor, however, it may ruin your cigars because you don’t humidfy the humidor before you start using it. You must be surprised what I am saying, but let me show you why.

There is no doubt that a humidor’s proper moisture and temperature is the key factor for cigar’s storage. As a professional cigar humidor manufacture, the wood which we use it to make the humidor box, must be dried enough during its production. All of the wood’s moisture must be less than 7%. There is no chance for humidor to be re-humidified from a professional manufacturer to an end user. Just like us, we never humidify the box. So if you put your cigars into such humidor’s  environment, the moisture of your cigar will be absorbed by the wood. Cigar without moisture would be a piece of trash. What a pity thing it is, right?
setup humidor correctly

Setup Humidor


So it is really important to do the following steps to save your cigars by re-humidifing the humidor before using it. It is simple steps, let’s do it now.


  • Step 1.  Things Required:  A piece of clean towal,some distilled water.
  • Step2. Wet the clean towell.
  • Step 3. You should use the wet towel to wipe every corner of the inside wood of the humidor carefully,  you will see the wood’s color becomes darker.
  • Step 4. Calibrate the hygrometer, then put it into the humidor.
  • Step 5. Meanwhile, fill the humidifier by distilled water and put it into the humidor
  • Step 6. Shut the humidor and wait for 24 hours
  • Step 7. The next day, check the hygrometer, if it stays at 70%. PERFECT !


Note:But for a brand new humidor, it may takes a few days or weeks to check the humidity, when it stays stably. Great ! It’s time to enjoy your smoking time !

If you have confusion for choose a Right Cigar Humidor, follow how to choose a right humidor cigar, choose the best right humidor for you now.