How much can you earn retail jewelry boxes? Usually, we use the retail price to divide by 5 times, it’s the factory cost to produce the jewelry box. If a jewelry box retails 50usd, then the cost is 10usd. After removing the additional cost, such as the shipping cost, import fee, a shopkeeper can keep at least 60% profit to sell a jewelry box. Very profitable jewelry box has become the hottest selling product on numerous websites in recent years.


  • If you want to start a home-based business, then this article worth reading.
  • If you are starting an online jewelry brand, this profitable jewelry box will become one of your another good product.
  • If you are starting a gift business with the help of your local distribution networks, this article is perfect for you.
  • If you want to know how to start jewelry boxes business, then the article will show you step by step.

start jewelry boxes business

1. Getting more sales for your jewelry boxes store

  • Choose your jewelry box business name

Before you start to sell online, it’s very important to choose your business name first. Your business name directly defines who you are, what you do, and what style of jewelry box you will retail. It will appear on all your business literature, website, and your product package.

In the long run, you’d better choose a bigger scale business name. For example, if you want to sell jewelry box, maybe you also want to sell jewelry someday in the future, so your business name couldn’t choose XX Jewelry box company, you can choose XX gift company.

Changing business name is really a huge pain, so please choose a suitable name for your business at first.


  • Follow the trend of the jewelry box

What style of jewelry box you need choose for your brand? Will people like your jewelry box? If you simply think a jewelry box is to store jewelry, you will lose your business. People have been tired of those traditional jewelry boxes. There is a trend that people are using jewelry box to meet the different purpose, they need something more beautiful, modern, practical, and characteristic.

In 2017, we have sold out more than one million dollars music jewelry box. The music jewelry box is designed for 3-10 years old girls, when you open the box, the ballerina will start to dance. The cute music jewelry box has attracted a lot of attention, some clients even register a brand to sell it and won a success.

We don’t suggest to sell many types of jewelry boxes at the beginning, you can choose one or two categories to help you to become professional. After you have earned the first bucket of gold, you can try more.

The best way to know the trend is to follow the famous brand. Here is a list of some online/offline brands:

  • Mele & CO
  • Overstock
  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Target
  • JCPenney


  • Set up your jewelry box store

If you already have a store in your local street, just display the jewelry box in your store, the natural traffic will convert into a purchase. However, if you are a newbie, it seems too difficult to have your own store, we couldn’t spend too much money on an unknowing product.

In this case, setting up an online store will be a good idea. There are two ways to do it, Amazon and Shopify.

Amazon shop can bring you a lot of traffic from their platform, and Shopify can make you have your own brand retail website, both of them are cheap and good to use. Here is the website, which is made by Shopify, very simple and beautiful, right?

After setting up your online store, you need do some promotions so that your sales won’t be too bad in the first couple of months. Many people like to purchase traffic from Google, but I think it’s too expensive. For a retail business, I prefer the ads on Facebook and Instagram, it’s cheaper and the audience is easier to convert. The Youtube has provided many tutorials, you can find it there.


  • Keep providing better products

Ads can help you have a good sales, but only good quality products can make you get success. Usually, we couldn’t have our own designed jewelry box for the beginning, you can try the Dropshipping service. Many of our clients start their business by this way. They launch their own online store and publish ads to get sales, then they order from some Chinse shopping platforms, such as Aliexpress, Dhgate, to ship the goods directly to their clients.

Dropshipping service couldn’t guarantee the quality, so if you want to build your own brand, you need have a plan to design your own jewelry box. Some people will say, it’s too hard for me, I have no idea to design anything. But it’s not so hard as your imagining, we have helped many clients to design jewelry box. The easiest way is to choose some hot selling products, and we do some modification. You need to try first if you think it’s too hard


2. Lower Your Cost

We can lower your cost from two aspects, manufacturing cost, and operating costs.

  • Manufacturing Cost

For the small business, it’s important to increase the communicating efficiency, time is money. If we want to get a better price, we can improve our competitiveness. So if you can find a responsible and experienced manufacturer, it will help save both manufacturing cost and communicating cost at the same time.

Well, if you want to discuss the manufacturing cost with me, I can talk the whole day, but today I want to make it short here. Jewelry box manufacturing is a small part of the whole line of business. If you discuss the price with your Chinese supplier, there is no doubt that they will complain at earning low manufacturing fees, only a few suppliers can realize the importers are spending much time planning, executing, and sustaining the business. Everyone works and get his share in this business line, it’s fair.

Well, maybe you are curious about the price of jewelry box manufacturing, there isn’t a specific number because it depends on your quantity, size, skills, material, and designs.

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But we can take an example, for a custom jewelry box order which contains 1000 pieces of jewelry boxes, a common American manufacturer may charge you $40 or more per piece, but in China, the same quality, we can quote you $10-15, or less. The world’s top quality jewelry box are made-in-China.

Many people still talking about the low-quality jewelry box made in China, they are talking about the 1990s or those made in small home-jewelry-box-factory.


  • Operating costs

You should try your best to catch your revisit customer. It’s easier to get orders from existing customers because you had some connections already. If a customer can purchase jewelry box in your store several times, then you can lower your operating costs a lot.

EDM tools are highly recommended, it can help you manage your revisit customer. Ask your customers to subscribe your email list so that they will receive your promotions for the first time. You can send your jewelry box subscriptions regularly. Maybe you need provide some gifts giveaways to attract them to subscribe you.

The second way is to make the most of your SNS account. Update your Facebook, Instagram account every day to keep a good interaction with your customers. Using the free tool can make a great effect on your business.

Well, it’s not an easy thing to start jewelry box business, you need a very detailed plan to decrease the risk of failure. Good luck to you.