How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly

//How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly

How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly

How to Use Jewelry Box Correctly?

We use jewelry box to store our baby jewelries, it is easy to use. However, many of us don’t know the how to use jewelry box correctly. Jewelry box includes several components, every component have its own function. Knowing their function can not only  bring much more convenience but also can prolong your jewelry box’s life.

Here is a jewelry box, we can see it includes several components, such as ring pad, ear stud fixation hole, butterfly card cover pad etc. Now it’s time to know the function of every components.

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1. Ring pad

It is specifically designed to protect your baby ring, it usually consists of a set of strip-shaped flannel sponge pads. In addition, using it to put cufflinks or earrings is also a good choice.


2. Ear stud fixation hole & pad

It is designed to fix and protect your earrings. We often design ear nail hole on the clapboard in order to fix the earrings. Besides, we can also set the ear pad on the lid, it will save much room for your jewelry box. Some designers also equip a removable pad with ear studs hole.


3. Butterfly card cover pad

We often find a butterfly card velvet in a compartment, it is used to cover your jewelry. Butterfly card can not only be used as a handle, but also can be used to wrap your slender necklace. It can prevent the random sliding and can play a role of stratification, separate your jewelry up and down.


4. Watch bag pad / bracelet bag pad

Designed specifically to secure your bracelet or watch.


5. Necklace hook

Designed specifically to fix and protect your necklace and bracelet. Designers like the form of snap or hook. There is a dark pocket with a elastic ribbonon its opening. It will gather the hanging necklace.


6. Small compartment

There are a variety of sizes compartment, it can make baby jewelry stay their own room. Slender type of design is designed for the necklace; while the square type is designed for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hair clips, cufflinks and other jewelry preparation. Every designs will be considered the size and depth.


7. Jewelry bags

Jewelry bags make full use of the space of inner lid or side, it will expand your jewelry box’s capacity. You can put your favorite pearl necklace to the inside, or hang a whole row of earrings. It depends on your preferences.


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