What is Jewelry Box

//What is Jewelry Box

What is Jewelry Box

We will see many beautiful kinds of jewelry boxes when we search it on the amazon website. It is very necessary to know all the types of jewelry box before we want to buy a right one. As a wooden jewelry box manufacturer, we have some tips to choose a right jewelry box.


1. What is jewelry box?

First of all, we should know what is jewelry box? Jewelry box is a special box for keeping jewellery, often decorated and containing several separate parts. Most women have their jewelry boxes to keep their colorful, stylish, precious jewelries.

There is a story about jewelry box. During a eulogy, a Pastor describe the person that had passed away, as a “precious jewel.” He went further to say that the casket was “a jewelry box”, make for the beautiful jewel that lie in it. A casket is a container for dear departed loved ones to be viewed in, and buried or cremated in. When you think of your loved one as someone precious and valuable, the casket they lie in, is truly a jewelry box.

Anyway, a jewelry box will keep your jewelry safe, store your jewelry well. It just like a comfortable house, your jewelries stay there with a happy emotion.


2. Different Kinds of Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes feature different kinds of designs to meet different customer’s requirement. Jewelry armoires can be as large as your bedroom furniture and some jewelry boxes are just dainty keepsale boxes. What types of jewelry organizer or jewelry case can I choose? How can I choose the right jewelry box for my jewelry collection? It depends on the types and the size of your jewelry collection.

      1) Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire is a ideal place for keeping a large collection of jewelry. Jewelry armoire are large jewelry boxes that will keep your jewelries organized. If you update and expand your jewelry collection and your jewelry box simply couldn’t hold all of your baubles and glittering chains any longer, it would be a nice idea to invest a jewelry armoire. Many jewelry armoires often has several storage drawers, compartments, cabinets with hooks for hanging chains and bracelets, fold-out doors, it usually has a mirror.

There are three main factors you should notice when choosing a jewelry armoire, Size, Style, Safety.
  •  Size
A jewelry armoire comes in various sizes, some of them sit on a dresser, some are just sit on the floor and can be more than 3 feet tall. Choosing the right size according to the size of your jewelry collection and the available space in your bedroon, dressing room or closet.
  • Style

A jewelry armoire is actually a piece of a furniture in your room, it should match and complement the style of your bedroom or living space.

  • Safety

Protect our valuable jewelry from being stolen is another inportant feature for jewelry armoire. Many jewelry armoires are deigned with locks on drawers and door handles. Some also featured hidden drawers and compartments for especially valuable or expensive pieces.

      2) Jewelry Box

Jewelry box is one of the most popular jewelry case among women, if you have just a few pieces of jewelries, jewelry box will be your choice. We often can see a jewelry box sit on a dresser or table, it usually has a lid on the top. Some jewelry boxes have extra trays, drawers and padded compartments.
Some jewelry boxes are simplely a keepsake boxes, this keepsake box has only one compartment and is really small. Jewelry box is often used to store and display jewelries, but people often buy it as a gift to send their friends, not a package for jewelry.
There is another name for jewelry box, its name is jewelry chest. A jewelry chest often has one or more drawers and trays. It often has a hinged lid for the top compartment. The lid usually has a mirror. Jewelry chest is often bigger, these big jewelry boxes also make beautiful home decor accent pieces.

   Pink Wooden Large Jewellry Box for Girls 02

  3) Wall Jewelry Box

Sometimes, you will see a jewelry box hang on a wall, it just like a medicine cabinet. The wall jewelry box can save much space, because it reduces clutter on a dresser. You can have more space for storing jewelry, especially for necklaces. A large mirror is usually designed on the door. it allows you to check your appearance at eye level, it is convenient for you to try on accessories.

You can hang your necklace and long bracelets on the hook. It is often designed on the cabinet door, and the shelves offer compartments for other items.

     Wall Jewelry Box

4) Jewelry Roll

Jewelry roll also called jewelry roll bag, this carrying case consists of a long pouch. When you open it, it lies flat on a surface. The pouch contains pockets for watch, jewelry or other accessories. Rolling the pouch into a tight cylinder keeps the items in place; a set of ties usually secures it. Jewelry roll just can hold a few items, so it often treated as a travel case, it is much easier than carrying a wooden box.

      Jewelry Roll

5) Travel Case

Travel case sometime called a train case. Although it isn’t as common as it once was, it’s still a very convenient jewerly storage and travel option.Travel CaseA travel case is a small and durable luggage, which is designed to store jewelry, small accessories and cosmetics. Some large boxes include a small jewelry case that can be removed and used to hold just a few items.

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