Wholesale Wooden Gift Boxes

//Wholesale Wooden Gift Boxes

Wholesale Wooden Gift Boxes

1.Wooden Gift Box Wholesale

Hi everyone, I am Jenne, a sales manager who specialized in a luxury wooden boxes field for more than 15 years and have rich connections in China for this field, I am glad to be here to describe some details about the wooden gift box wholesale.
Wooden box wholesale includes wooden gift box wholesale and wooden packing box wholesale, today, we focus on the wooden gift box wholesale. When it comes to box, people will think it is used to pack goods, yes, that’s right, most boxes are produced to pack goods. However, wooden gift box is considered as a gift to send your lover or friends. Our peak season is September and October, many customers wholesale our wooden gift box to meet the need of Christmas Day.

wooden gift box wholesale

2.What is Wooden Gift Box ?

Wooden gift box can be devided into women’s gift box and men’s gift box. Women’s gift box is all kinds of jewelry box. Men’s gift box includes watch box, watch winder, mens valet, mens’  Organizer, sometimes we also treat cigar box as men’s gift box.

Jewelry box is the main product of wooden gift box. If you want to know more details about jewelry box, you can check this article: What is jewelry box?


3.How to wholesale wooden gift box

Before we start our wooden gift box process wholesale, here are the wooden Boxes normal processes:

Preparing materials —-> Cutting workshop —-> Assembling workshop
—-> Sanding workshop —-> Painting workshop —-> Packing workshop —-> Shipment

We can notice that wooden gift box material is very important, so the first step for wholesale is to fix the material. The most common material for wooden gift box is MDF. So if you don’t note it with your wooden gift box supplier, they may make a mistake.

Experienced wooden gift box manufactuer can have a very good understand from the pictuer of wooden box. So the second step is prepareing the picture. Actually, many customers don’t want to provide picture, just let the box supplier give their catalogue or price. In the end, your supplier don’t know what you are looking for and make some mistake or waste much time. In fact, wooden box wholesale business is much simpler than many other products, such as electronics, you don’t need provide many features, just a picture, then your supplier will fix every problem for you.

The third step is the price negotiating, if possible,  provide more details about your business location, such as your market, quality level etc, it will help your supplier make a more accurate price. Besides,  you get what you pay for,  a good and long cooperation need more understand from both sides.

The last step is payment and production, an excellent wooden gift box wholesale will keep uodating the latest news for your order so that can make a good communication and won’t let your worry anything. That is a very important rules in WoodSinger, every inquiry from world wide, we will take it seriously. From an inquiry to shipment, our meticulous production clerks will carefully follow up EVERY PROCESS through out the production period, ensuring that customers know the status of their orders timely, communicating timely if any issues.

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