When I first time heard anti-tarnish velvet, I fell in love with it. How to protect their jewelry from being damaged? This question always bothers a lot of jewelry dealer and package dealer. As the guardian of jewelry, jewelry box finishes this mission.

Jewelry Box has a very important function, it knows how to protect jewelry perfectly. We can use perfect design to prevent the jewelry being damaged from outside. However, the design can’t prevent the air to tarnish the jewelry. As we know, the air tarnishes the jewelry, let its color dark, let its beautiful fade.



The biggest enemy of jewelry is the air and moisture.

 Jewelry usually includes metal, such as gold, silver, platinum and so on. They usually afraid the air, water because the air will tarnish them, fade its beauty. The problem keeps people bothering until the anti-tarnish velvet appears in people’s life.

People often use wooden jewelry box to store and display their jewelry, use paper box, and a plastic box to transport jewelry. Jewelry box has different textures, such as satin, velvet, canvas, suede, the price is increasing from satin to suede. These four textures can protect jewelry from being damaged from outside, and they can let jewelry become more beautiful.anti-tarnish velvetHowever, only Anti-Tarnish Velvet can prevent the air tarnish the jewelry. Putting your jewelry into the anti-tarnish velvet, it will keep your jewelry color. How long does the anti-tarnish velvet keep the color? OK, this is a good question and I feel satisfied with the answer, 15-20 years.Really long time, right? Well, although I am too poor to buy expensive jewelry at present, I still like the anti-tarnish velvet.

About the price of anti-tarnish velvet, there is famous saying which I think it is very right, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Anti-tarnish velvet is more expensive than common velvet, about 2usd per yard. But because its unique function of protecting jewelry, it is popular among more and more people. Anti-tarnish velvet can also be used in plastic and paper box. So even you are traveling, the anti-tarnish velvet will protect your jewelry well.