Wooden Box designs are based on the wood price and its features, different kinds of wood material have different price and features. here are the main wooden price and features in wooden box manufacturer.

Main Wood: Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, South America, Cherry, Teak, Catalpa Wood, Walnut, Beech, Oak, Bakelite, Camphor Wood, Ashtree, Pine, etc.

Here is the price form high to low:

High End:

Teak: ( 1400-1800  USD/m³ )

Black Walnut ( 1400-1900 USD/m³ )


Middle End:

Catalpa Wood: ( 550-850 USD/m³ )

Beech: ( 550-800 USD/m³ )

Maple: (550-750 USD/m³ )


Middle & High End:

Cherry: ( 900-1150 USD/m³ )

White Oak: ( 750-1150 USD/m³ )

Red Oak: ( 680-1050 USD/m³ )

Ash: ( 600-900 USD/m³ )


Low End:

Ashtree: ( 400-450 USD/m³usd/m³ )

Rubber Wood ( 300-450 USD/m³ )

Camphorwood ( 300-400 USD/m³ )

Pine: ( 150-300 USD/m³ )

Note: Real wood price please check your market price, here are for reference only! Our price will be floating, but the relative value is relatively stable.


1. High-end Category

1) Teak



Teak has straight stripes, it’s just like ink lines. The main place of origin includes Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand. Teak price is close to the price of mahogany (sour, chicken wings, pear).

Teak can secrete oil, it is mothproof, moistureproof, and antiseptic. In the ancient times, people often use teak to make dragon boat. They bury the teak dragon boat in the mud and use it once a year, it can protect the boat from being oxidized. That teak boat can keep good appearance for hundreds of years, it won’t be corroded. Titanic deck was also made of teak.



Expensive, teak is expensive. The production process is complicated too. The majority of solid wood furniture use water-boiling method to drying, it’s not suitable for teak, it will lose the internal grease of teak. Teak is often drying naturally in the outdoor. Besides, the teak box also needs artificial oxidation, or the color will become bad and bleak.A lot of teak furniture in the market are made of the teak which was damaged by improper processing. In addition, the teak box has big color difference due to the difference of origin place and grade.


2) Black Walnut



Black walnut from different areas has a slight difference, here we take America Black Walnut as an example to introduce its features.

Black walnut has smooth and shiny cutting surface, the color is the light dark brown color with purple. The cutting surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern. The pattern is more beautiful and graceful than other wood. It is just like the red oak, however, red oak is much cheaper.

The sapwood is milky white, heartwood color is from light brown to dark chocolate, sometimes, it has purple and dark stripes. Now, most of the black walnut has deep color due to the steam treatment.

Black walnut is expensive due to its color and pattern, another very important point is its excellent fixability. It has strong adhesion to nails, screws, and paint, so the effect is very good after the painting. Besides, it is corrosion resistance.



It is very slow drying, need to be careful care to avoid the occurrence of drying and aging. The reason for most wood cracking is inappropriate drying process in the factory, so it’s important to choose factory with good drying process to produce black walnut.

In fact, we don’t suggest to use black walnut to make furniture, low-cost performance.



2. Middle-end Category

1) Cherry



Cherry is a high-end wood material with wood grain. It is mainly distributed in the eastern of the United States. Cherry wood heartwood color from bright red to brown red, sapwood was milky white.

Cherry is often used to make high-end wooden jewelry boxes. Here are the features:
    – delicate & clear texture
    – good polished effect
    – good paint surface effect



Cherry has serious shrinkage when drying, however, after drying, it’s stable and not easy to distortion.



2) White Oak



White oak is variety and it’s mainly distributed in the eastern of the United States, 8 kinds of white oak are commercial trees. There is a saying: “red oak is not red, white oak is not white”, meaning the color of white oak is not the same as its name, but the wood is a light color, heartwood light is brown to dark brown.

 Here are the following features:
  • Grain is clear, and it has a good texture when touching the surface.
  • Solid texture, hard to deformation when affected by damp, has strong resistant to abrasion, long life-span.
  • Valuable has the same value as mahogany.
  • White oak can be colored into many colors by sprayed paint without changing the original texture.
  • White oak has a harmonious combination of metal, glass and other accessories, it makes wooden box fashion.




  • Difficult process.
  • Rare and expensive.
  • Hard texture, high density, difficult dehydration, so it’s easy to deformation.
  • Not heat-resistant. So white oak jewelry box can’t be placed to the environment with temperature over 40℃, or the high temperature will hurt its surface texture


3) Red Oak



The place of origin is eastern of the United States, red oak is hard and heavy. It is also divided into two types: south red oak and northern red oak. The color of southern red oak is red, suitable for dark processing; the north is light red, suitable for light processing.Red oak has Yamagata pattern and hard texture, red oak is often used to produce high-end wooden box. Hard texture benefits a good processing performance, so the wooden box and furniture will be delicate. We can make complex modeling and carve on the wood, so it’s suitable for the production of European furniture. Red oak wooden box quality depends on the drying. Texture clarity can show the value of red oak jewelry box, the clarity is clearer. the wood quality is better. 


Red oak is very slow drying and dehydration is difficult. If the dehydration is not handled well, it is easy to deformation. Besides, the wood grain is similar to the ash tree, so it’s easy to confuse.

The difference is that the smooth outside of red oak grain has a small texture, it’s particularly obvious when using open paint. The ash tree has no such feature.


 4) Ash


The place of origin includes Russia, Europe, and North America. Ash has following features:

  • Easy Processing
  • Easy to Paint
  • Good Polishing Performance
  • Strong Decay Resistance
  • Good Strength
  • High Hardness
  • High Density
  • Good Mechanics

Ash is the main wood material of America high-end furniture. Ash wooden box has a beautiful appearance, the wood grain is very clear. Anyway, ash is really a good wood which is suitable for making furniture.



Just like other import wood, ash is expensive too. Ash has poor drying performance, it will seriously affect the appearance of the good drying process. The wood surface is easy to fluff, it requires a higher production process.


3. Middle & High End

 1) Catalpa Wood



Catalpa wood is a walnut without fruit, plain pinhole, deep color, less glossy, however, it has small shrinkage. It’s often used to make door core.


  • Tough texture, neither too hard nor too soft
  • no crack, no deformation, no smell
  •  easy processing, easy to dry, easy to carve
  • good insulation performance
  • mothproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, damp-proof, leading-tone

Catalpa wood is a high-quality wood which is widely used in construction, furniture, shipbuilding, sculpture, musical instruments, crafts, military and other fields.


2) Beech




  • Hard texture, shock resistance.
  • Easy to bend under the steam, you can make a variety of models, but after drying, it is not easy to deformation, durable, right?
  • Beautiful texture, soft colors, smooth



  • The color will be different when making furniture because every tree has different ages, the color and density are different.
  • It’s easy to crack and deformation when drying and processing in the kiln. So it is not easy to make a set of furniture successfully.


3) Maple



Maple is the furniture material in the early Europe and Americas. Maple wooden jewelry box is durable. Here are the advantages:

  • Coordinated color
  • Good Shiny
  • Light Twilight
  • Clear texture
  • Good processing performance



  • Dry quickly
  • Easy to warping and distortion
  • Shrinkage
  • Easy to change performance.
  • Susceptible to insect erosion


4. Low End

1) Ashtree


  • The cutting surface is very smooth, paint adhesiveness is also very good. Suitable for the dry climate, and the aging is very slight, small changes in performance.
  •  Good processing performance, you can fix it well with screws and glue. It can achieve a good surface effect be by stained and polished.
  • Tough texture and beautiful stripe, besides, it has a very good strong performance, good seismic strength, and steam bending strength.



  • Ash heartwood don’t have corrosion resistance, white wood vulnerable to powder beetles and common furniture beetle eating, not easy to dry, easy to crack.
  • Easy to deformation and has large shrinkage

Note: Although ash tree is also called as Ash, it does not belong to the same species. Ash is relatively white, and most of them are European imports, but ash tree is rich in Northeast China.


2) Rubberwood


  • good toughness
  • not easy to crack
  • easy maintenance
  • beautiful texture
  • easy to carve and dye
  • good wear resistance
  • durable



  • not easy to dry
  • easy to bend deformation
  • ill-smelling
  • sugar content
  • easy to change color
  • decay and moth-eaten

3) Camphor Wood

The fragrance is the most important features, the fragrance can kill mildew, anti-worms, the famous camphor ball is made of such fragrance in Camphor. It’s the first choice for caving process.


  • The wood has a fragrance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Mothproof
  • Lighter Material
  • not easy to deform
  • Easy to process
  • Smooth cutting surface
  • Shiny, durable, good bonding performance
  • Beautiful color after painting



People don’t use camphor to make the bed because the fragrance will affect sleep quality. Too excited to fall asleep, it even causes dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.


4) Pine

Pine is a common material for wooden boxes. Here are the features:


  • Natural color
  • Clear and beautiful texture
  • Simple and classic appearance
  • Full and smooth lines
  • Durable, flexible and breathable
  •  Good thermal conductivity
  •  Easy maintenance.



  • Softwood
  • Easy to crack and deformation
  • Easy to secrete grease