There are many process details need to be understood carefully in the production of wooden box package, these different processes cover or enhance the characteristics of wooden boxes. For example, wooden box surface is rough and unpolished. Oil paint function is making box smooth and glossy.
Paint and materials determine the grade of wooden box. Good quality paint will make the box  luxury. Here introduce the types of oil paint.

1. According to Coat Appearance

Paint can be divided into following types according to the coat appearance: Varnish, colored paint; flat paint, plain paint, matt paint, high gloss paint; hammer paint etc.
Polyurethane paint is generally divided into: high gloss, varnish, semi-matt, matt.
Matte paint is one of the most popular paint in the current wooden box packaging industry. Matte paint use matte paint technology, their lustre is lower than varnish, it refers to the coating which’lustre is lower 5%.
In general, semi-gloss paint lustre should be between 40-60 (60 degrees angle).
Matte lacquer should be below 20 (60 degrees). After brushing, the semi-gloss paint film is more elegant and matte paint is more texture.
However: “matte paint” should be more commonly used, its characteristics is soft paint, a little mist, uniform, smooth, heat resistance, water-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof.

2. Varnish can be divided into four types:

Water-based polyester paint; oily paint; natural tree paint and epoxy resin paint.

The first two kinds of polyester-based varnish have better quality. Oil paint dry slowly, the smell is  strong but it’s smooth just like a mirror.
Water-based polyester paint dry faster than oily paint, but it should be painted at least three layers in order to get enough brightness. We should choose the right paint according to the needs.

Natural tree lacquer is a natural product, it will penetrate into the wood, it’s won’t be too bright even we paint many times. When we touch the surface, it feels very rough.

We use natural tree lacuqer to keep the characteristic of wooden boxes, at the same time, we can still see that is a processed wooden box products.

Epoxy resin paint is often used to paint collectibles, such as coins, badges, shells, and so on. We put our collectibles on the table which desktop is lower than its edge, then fall down this epoxy resin paint. After dry, the collections are like being embedded in the desktop, it can be permanently preserved. The disadvantage is that there is no way to repair the scratches.

Althought wooden box packaging is more expensive than other materials’ packaging, it has better modification techniques for some products.

As mentioned above, the paint process can cover the rough surface of the wooden box, but also can make our package more luxury.