Who is Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

//Who is Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

Who is Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

1. Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

Recently, our company wants to purchase some wooden gift box, how much is it? What is the minimum quantity? Where can I find a good wooden gift box manufacturer?

Gift box is a customized products, the price depends on the buyer’s designs. Experienced wooden gift box manufacturer can know your target product very well when you just send him a picture. Besides, they can give you more professional suggestion to expand your market. So that’s why so many customers want to find a good gift box manufacturer, because a good supplier will really benefit you a lot.

wooden gift box manufacturer

2. Gift Box Better Understanding

Gift boxes include wooden box, plastic box, paper box. All the customized gift boxes are based on the size of materials which is provided by customers, then the gift box factory produce the most appropriate gift box. Wooden gift box is the most luxurious packaging box, more and more people are choosing wooden gift boxes to pack their fine goods. To have a good custom wooden box, we must first know clearly about the size of the product , only know the size, the product can be customized. About the price of wooden boxes, wooden boxes are high-grade packaging, the price will be higher than the average carton price. The price is calculated according to the size of the wood. The common material includes pine and Paulownia wood, pine price is about 613 usd per cubic metre at present; Paulownia’s price is about 452 usd per cubic meter. Actually, the material’s price is very stable.

After we know the price of raw materials, we can calculate the price of wooden box materials, and then calculate the wooden processing fees, add your profits. Wooden box’s profit is not high, only about 10%.  Know these information, we can calculate the approximate price of the wooden box.

Besides, experienced wooden box middleman knows where to buy wooden box and knows well how to buy the high quality wooden box by the best price. The secret is that they know the distribution of wooden box manufacture in China.


3. Who is good Wooden Gift Box Manufacturer

Who is good wooden gift box manufacturer? How can I find them? Actually, I think a good wooden gift box manufacturer must be experienced and responsible. Wooden gift box involves many connections, such as material, market, designs, etc. An experienced wooden gift box manufacturer will provide you a lot of useful information, such as market, hot selling product, price changing. But Experienced supplier not means good supplier, he must responsible, only responsible supplier can give you realiable service and will be your honest partner.

In fact, WoodSinger always try their 120% best to be a good wooden gift box manufacturer.

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