Wooden Jewelry Box Maintenance

wooden jewelry box maintenance is a very necessary work to protect jewelry box. Inour dairy life, each girl has some of their own jewelry ornaments. Girls often buy a jewelry box to save these jewelry ornaments because they cherish their fine jewelries. Besides, as jewelry box is very practical, it can be used as crafts to decorate room, so more and more people would like to buy a jewelry box for their lover and a friend.

Jewelry box’s daily maintenance will directly affect  jewelry box lifespan. How do we maintain jewelry box so that prolong the jewerlry box liftspan. Different materials wooden jewelry box will have different maintenance methods. Most jewelry boxes are made of wood, leather, glass. Here are some wooden jewelry box maintenance common sense.


1. Place the Jewelry Box on the right place

First, we all know that wood has a certain degree of moisture, the stability of the structure depends on the changes of the moisture content and the impact of environmental humidity. In order to prevent the furniture appearing the deformation and cracking situation. We suggest that you’d better put the jewelry box in the place which is about one meter away from the heating flow, it can avoid the long time baking with high temperature.


2. Avoid the Exposure under the direct sunshine

Then how to prevent the bad situation, such as part dry of the lumber, deformation and part deterioration of the paint film? The wooden jewelry box should avoid long time exposure of the outdoor sunshine. It is very important to protect the paint film, woodsinger suggest that jewelry box can be coated the oil paint on the jewelry box surface to protect the paint file.

Destruction of paint file will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the internal structure of the product.

3. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning,maintenance and waxing. Many people will cherish their jewelry box very much when buying it, however, after a period of time, they often loss their passion. A good maintenance will prolong jewelry box liftspan, we should insist do it.

We can use a soft cotton cloth gently wipe the surface every day. Aften some time, we can use the wet cotton filament  with wring dry moisture to clean the dust in every furniture corner, then we use the clean dry soft cotton wipe the water on the surface. That’s all, it is simple but we should insist to do it.

I hope you have a good understand for the wooden jewelry box maintenance common sense. In fact, wooden jewelry box maintenance is very simple. Place the jewelry box on the right place; avoid the exposure under the direct sunshine; regular cleaing. Most of jewelry boxes are mode of wood, it will be affected by the temperature changes, so just pay attention to the above tips, the maintenance of jewelery boxes can be done with ease and simplicity.

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