Wooden Jewelry Box Moisture-proof  Tips

Wooden jewelry box moisture-proof tips is important for wooden jewelry box maintenance. Dry weather in autumn and winter season may cause cracking in our jewelry box. When we prevent the jewelery box cracking, we should not forget moisture-proof. Because the winter is coming, there will be more and more rainy day in the future, the air will be more humid. Wet air will make our jewelry box appear wet phenomenon, so we also need to learn some moistureproof skills in advance to prolong our jewelry box lifespan. 

Here are 3 easy moisture-proof tips for your wooden jewelry box:

wooden jewelry box moisture-proof tips

1. The desiccant play the role of moisture absorption.

Nowadays, Many professional dehumidification packages are provided in many supermarkets for moisture-proof. Buy some and place it in the furniture drawer to absorb moisture. 

Note: Your should remove the moisture package after a period of using. Then put some new lime or other bulk desiccant in it. For some small jewelry boxes, you can divide the package into several small bags, then placed them in every corner of the room, it will keep the indoor air dry.


2. Second, Use the right way to open windows to reduce the humidity

It is necessary for Wooden jewelry box keep away from the doors and windows. When the outdoor humidity is large, we should  close the doors and windows in the upper wind direction, and only open the ones in the wind direction, it will reduce moisture come into the room. On the contrary, when the weather become good and outdoor humidity becomes smaller, you can open all the doors and windows to accelerate the evaporation of water.


3. You can place some dampness equipment in the indoor

In our daily life, when the weather is too cold or too hot, air-conditioning can solve these problems for us. When the air is too wet, we can also use damp-removing machine to fix this problem, for example heaters radiator can alleviate the indoor wet conditions to a certain extent, but the effective range of heaters radiator is small, it can only play a supporting role. We can have special care for the jewelry box according to the situation.

Summary, WoodSinger also shared a lot of knowledge about the maintenance of wooden jewelery box, we hope the sharing of “3 Easy Moisture-Proof Tips for Your Wooden Jewelry Box” can also help you!