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Wooden Jewelry Box

Wooden jewelry box is a custom wooden box, it is one of a high-end jewelry box solutions. Every client would like to have its own designs with their brand on it. In Woodsinger, the wooden jewelry boxes are mainly divided into three categories: women jewelry box, men’s jewelry box and girls jewelry box. Most wooden jewelry boxes are made of the MDF which is cheap, waterproof and insect-proofing.

The women’s jewelry box includes jewelry box, jewelry chest, jewelry armoire and jewelry organizer. The common material for women jewelry box is wood, luxury and strong and better designs. The men’s jewelry box includes mens valet, desktop jewelry organizer. Men’s jewelry box is very different in styles, materials, size and purpose. Most mens jewelry box are designed for mobile phone and watch. The girls jewelry box includes music jewelry box, small jewelry box and jewelry chest. Light color is warm welcomed by the jewelry box market. Cute elemets is a must in girls jewelry box.

With us, you can have a custom wooden jewelry box with the custom size, color, style and finish. With your artwork and sample, we can make you a box of exactly the same or even better quality. Most importantly, you will reduce your packaging cost significantly because of the low cost in China.

The material for jewelry box include mdf wood, wood paper, finish paint and metal accessories. For custom jewelry box, from interior to the accessories, we need open mould. The wooden jewelry box is very high strength and durability.

According to the use purpose, the wooden jewelry box are divided into the types below:

  • Small Jewelry Box
  • Mens Valet
  • Organizer
  • Chest
  • Armoire

Note: All the jewelry boxes in the pictures below are just for your referrence. Your jewelry boxes will be custom made based on your artwork and packaging need.

1. Small Jewelry Box

Jewelry box can be divided into three types according to user, womens jewelry box, mens jewelry box, kid jewelry box. According to application, there are three kinds, travel jewelry box, jewelry storage box, jewelry display box.

Most jewelry box are made of mdf, solid wood is too heavy and easy to be damaged by worms.

2. Mens Valet

The mens valet is a great organizer form men with simple and necessary design. A typical mens valet make a good design for purse, watch, mobile phone and notebook. Some designs also have place for necklace and rings. Most mens valet are made of mdf, because it’s light, cheap and better outline.

High end mens valet will use high gloss paint, but matte mens valets is always the best seller. Black and brown is the classical color for mens jewelry box.

3. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry organizer is a wonderful jewelry box to store your jewelries, which can store many jewelries. As you can place it any palce on your dressing table, it’s more convenient than jewelry chest. White color jewelry organizer is a very welcomed types in the mondern life.

Jewelry organizer is not a cheap solution, it means low quantity too. The order quantity is often 300 to 500 pcs, won’t more than 1000 pcs.

4. Jewelry Chest

Jewelry chest is a custom wooden jewelry box with middle-sized capacity.  Brown and dark are the classical color for jewelry chest market.

Mdf id the main material for jewelry chest. It’s a hot selling wooden jewelry box solution. The artwork is more complicated, so it’s important to have a patient communication. Besides, it may need longer delivery time.

5. Jewelry Armoir

Jewelry armoire is a large capacity custom wooden box. With table-standing function, you can put it in any place wanted. Some high-end jewelry armoires are made of solid wood, it should be put on the dry place. Some jewelry armoires are designed to hang on the wall. Anyway, it’s a luxury jewelry box solution.

Wooden Jewelry Box Order Details

WoodSinger is an export-oriented wooden box manufacturer. Over 20 years’ experience of wooden gift box wholesale, we are confident for our profession. If you would like to import the wooden boxes from us to reduce the costs, please check the list below:

  • Port: Shenzhen
  • MOQ: 500 pcs.
  • Price: Base on your order quantity and need details.
  • Delivery Time: Usually 2-3 months.
  • Packing:inner packing is with PP bag, outer packing is carton box, as per your request.
  • Payment: 30-50% T/T, Paypal
  • Sample Making: 100-150USD.
  • Shipment: By sea, by air, or by courier like UPS, TNT, DHL and Fedex.

In order to quote you an accurate price, your artwork and sample box are always preferred, particularly the sample box. Just email at info@woodsinger.com to get an price quote now!